MLA 2018. Topic title: Linguistics and Social Media.

Please join us for this panel that examines different modes, applications, and venues of social media (textual, visual, audiovisual, interactive) from a linguistic perspective. For more information please contact. or any committee member. We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Call For Papers
    Can Language Shift be Reversed? Insights from and for Galician (Guaranteed Session, MLA Convention, Chicago, 3-6 January, 2019)

    On the 35th Anniversary of the Galician Language Bill Lei de normalización lingüística (1983), it is time for Galician and international scholars to re-assess the process of language planning undertaken in contemporary Galicia. This assessment will also help evaluate and answer Fishman’s question (1991, 2001), apud Rubin & Jernudd 1971, on if and how minority languages can be revitalized when in contact with languages of wider communication.

    At the Modern Language Association’s 2019 convention in Chicago (January 3-6, 2019), the Galician Language, Literature and Culture Forum would like to celebrate and debate on language revitalization and normalización with a panel addressing the question: Can language shift be reversed? We invite proposals for 15- to 20-minute talks on topics including but not limited to:
    How the social situation of Galician fits into Fishman’s 1991 Reversing Language Shift paradigm (RSL);
    What contemporary findings on language revitalization can help the Galician language planning process;
    How can the Galician perspective dialogue with different language revitalization models;
    Interactions between top-down and bottom-up approaches to the Galician language “normalization” process.
    Please submit titles, 250-word abstracts (in English) and a brief bio to Gabriel Rei-Doval ( by 15 March 2018.

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